Star Wars Galaxies Is Better Than Ever!

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Star Wars Galaxies Is Better Than Ever!

Post by Rik » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:13 pm

Just wanted to highlight the SWG Legends emulator for those who are unaware of it. A few of us have dabbled with the various emulators that have come out over the years but for me they have largely felt incomplete or just retained too much of that special SWG jank that needed fixing from launch!

SWG Legends is something much more fleshed out and picks up from where the game left off in 2011. Not only that it's being actively developed with new features and gameplay meaning this is not so much a time capsule. there are actually new features and events to take part in and look forward to!

Anyway, links to the SWG Legends Website and my video about it below. Cheers.
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