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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 3:20 pm 
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for people with disabilities that is. Now this is a big deal, because no big main stream gaming corp or console has ever launched something like this before. Nor anyone making 3rd party controllers. As that group of gamers had to make their own controllers via special need groups they found on FB etc.

One such group along with Ben Heck "the one that makes all the Playstation and Xbox laptops etc" did try to make such a box for the 360 back in 2009. But it did cost $499. So not cheaper vs making it on their own. 3 years ago MS did contact those two again to start working on an official one that would be priced at $99 at the most. The group is called The AbleGamers Foundation. A group I've donated to several times over the years. As a friend of mine had to go via them to get help almost 7 years ago to get custom pads and sticks for the 360 made for him. And the part that anyone can play has always been important to him too, and me. So this announcement came as a pleasant surprise.

It's a white Xbox one S controller. With the guide button, start and menu, d-pad, and two massive A and B buttons. With USB input on the side, and 19 3.5mm jack inputs at the back. One for each button on the Xbox controller. Triggers, directions, analog or the 4 buttons. So they can still connect anything they made on their own, and use the new controller with it. Or accessories from Xbox them self. Either touch sensitive buttons, or analog sticks you can use with your mouth. And it can sync to work with a normal controller. The new controller is even made at an angle, so you can have it on the floor to use the big buttons with your feet, or use the soft round edges to rest your hands on. It looks brilliant. And my mate has already ordered one. There is even a mini controller that you can use with one hand. Kinda like the Wii one that goes with it. So you can use your one good arm with that, and the pad on the floor with your feet etc. No one is left out.

This might sound like a small silly thing for most. But for a big part of the gamers out there. It will make all the difference.

Now if only Sony and Nintendo can follow up and make it as easy for their users there. It would be perfect.

Introduction video for the adaptive controller. And the how it works video.

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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 8:56 pm 
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this is a big thing and im really happy Microsoft is doing this as my eldest loves his xbox but he is Downs and struggles some times so really happy to see this coming out as there are plenty of less abled gamers then my son that will really benefit from a controller like this.

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