Unreal Gold for free on GOG

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Unreal Gold for free on GOG

Post by Balcora » Tue May 22, 2018 9:51 pm

So Unreal turns 20 years old now. And I do remember the first day I got this game back in 1998, tossing it in my 166 MMX with 32mb of ram and a 4mb Voodoo one 3dfx card. It ran fine for the most part, but was a bit choppy on the larger levels. But still I enjoyed it enough that it's still on my top 10 list after all these years. I still have my Voodoo 1 and the 166MMX. But no motherboard to use it on. So I have a PIII 550 with Voodoo 3 that has it installed. And I did play it there from start to end a few months ago, not knowing the 20 year anniversary was that close.

So to celebrate that, GOG has some great deals on older Unreal games, and even gives the first one away for free. You can ofc pick up your copy here DRM free. And start the bot matches or the 13 hour long story. The Gold version also includes the addon story.

If you have never played it, now would be a good time. It has aged rather well. And there are HD mods to make it look even better. I recommend installing nGlide and using 3dfx, as it looks better and has more details then the openGL version.
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